Please take some time to read through these questions - if you're still unsure about something, feel free to drop us an email?

Most importantly, we are only available by appointment - if you arrive without prior notice or placement of order, you will be disappointed! We are primarily an online business!

Also, most of our products include a colour or size option/choice (using a drop-down menu). Photos/pictures of our products normally demonstrate all the various different colour options, so please read the descriptions carefully.

Dye sublimation inks and printing

Common problems and steps to diagnose and resolve them:

  • Perform a nozzle check/test pattern - ensure all colours CMYK are printing 100% and sublimate this check pattern to ensure the correct heat activated ink is installed
  • Perform head alignment and paper feed adjustment if available
  • Do regular physical cleans of the underside of the print head/s, the wiper blade and capping station
  • Ensure the waste tank is not too full / overflowing
  • Make sure there is no air / bubbles in your ink lines, dampers, cartridges & print heads due to air leaks or running your tanks completely empty
  • The final colour can only be assessed once sublimated onto the final media (eg Mug, T-Shirt etc)
  • Use the best quality transfer paper and blank media you can afford and use the correct time and temperature settings for these
  • Check the accuracy of the temperature of your press using a digital thermometer
  • For Epson, apply a custom colour profile (.icm file) using software which is capable of doing so - examples: Photoshop, CorelDRAW full versions, Seriff Affinity Designer, Gimp etc and set your printing preferences on your printer driver correctly
  • Ensure your working space within this software is always set to sRGB (not CMYK) unless you are using RIP software using CMYK colour profiles (we only supply RGB colour profiles)
  • Make sure the "rendering intent" within this software is set to "Perceptual" but you can experiment with all the other intents too (basically these are mathematical algorithms to deal with out of gamut/range colours).
  • Although we supply "canned" printer profiles(.icm files) that will help tremendously with improving your colours (eg what appears on your screen is what the final outcome will look like) a custom colour profile for your unique setup is always best (we offer this service) which takes into account various unique variables, example: operating system, printer driver, printer model, ink, transfer paper, blank media, time, temperature and finally the printing preferences settings you employ. All of these combined will have an effect on your colour!
  • Last but not least, make sure your screen / monitor is calibrated correctly too - if you want to compare colours, you need an accurate rendition of the image on your screen otherwise you'll have no idea what the image actually looks like. If in doubt, at least get the most up-to-date driver for your hardware (monitor) from the vendor.
  • Please feel free to email us with any technical queries about troubleshooting and colour management? Although we charge for remote support and colour management services, time is money and we may be able to resolve your issue very quickly.

 Cartridge refilling - General important guidelines

  • only refill a printer cartridge that is still printing OK - if it's very old and dry it probably won't work.
  • the same applies to the print-head, if separate from the cartridges (our inks and products will not magically restore blocked / faulty heads to working condition). We will only accept credits / exchanges if you can provide us with a test page / nozzle check pattern, demonstrating its prior working condition.
  • if the printer will not accept your cartridge (error code) due to faulty chip or circuit, don't refill it!
  • some models may not work at all or need a chip replacement or reset. If in doubt, inquire (many Lexmark cartridges that are deemed return program cannot be refilled at all).
  • the ideal environment for refilling is under vacuum conditions - as this is not possible for most home based refiller's, please allow for 12 hours after refilling before you print. This allows time for trapped air pockets/bubbles to dissipate naturally. If you experience an air lock whilst printing, the cartridge will stop functioning correctly which may result in damage.
  • some cartridges may fail during a cycle, once refilled. We would suggest that you purchase the most refill friendly printer model available so that you can refill repeatedly without the need to buy new cartridges.
  • Never fully insert a long needle into a tri or single colour cartridge that has a resident print head - please see this informative document for further details?


     General Product and website queries

    Q: Your website has so many products listed - how do I find the correct item?

    A: It's probably best to first identify your cartridge number / code - this is usually a combination of numbers and letters. Use the "Search function" (top right of webpage) and simply enter these numbers. Example: "450" for Canon PGI-450BK or "951" for HP# 951. If you still can't find your product, we either don't support it or it hasn't been captured properly by us - please email to confirm availability?

    Q: Do your products carry a guarantee?

    A: Yes, but due to the nature of there intended use, some conditions apply:

    1) For a full refund, items must be returned to us in their original packaging (unused) within 1 week of purchase. We do not offer a free collection service of faulty items. The onus is that of the purchaser to return said items to us.

    2) Used ink cannot be refunded or exchanged - many cartridges may fail during further cycles at any time - remember, most cartridges with resident / built in print-heads have been designed for single use only. Furthermore, improper refilling techniques may also result in irrepairable damage. Only in the event of a known faulty batch of ink supplied, will we exchange or refund this.

    Q: Do you offer further discounts or dealer rates?

    A: No, unfortunately we only sell directly to end-users. We can however discuss discounts for volume purchases. Most of our ink sets also include a 10% discount. Also, we can negotiate large shared orders from our suppliers, if it proves mutually beneficial.

    Q: Why are your inks listed in gram (g) volumes, instead of millilitres (ml)?

    A: As our inks are decanted from up to 25L drums, it is most accurate to package ink by weight, given that 1g is approximately 1ml.

    We are sure to subtract the weight of the bottle itself and supply at least, but usually more than, the indicated ink volume using an accurate digital scale.

    Q: Do you provide refilling instructions?

    A: We would normally direct you to some very good international websites for further directions. If however you are unsure about anything, don't hesitate to contact us for advice! Please try , Octopus Office or even first for general instructions?


    Q: Are your prices including or excluding VAT?

    A: We are not VAT registered so what you see is what you pay

    Q: I just want to pay for the ordered items without a delivery fee - is that possible?

    A: In some instances yes - because all our products are not physically held at the same central premises, customers are not always able to collect from us or send their own courier. Please email us to see what items can be collected directly from our Johannesburg outlet, before placing your order?



    Q: Can we collect from you?

    A: In some instances yes - please email us to confirm which items are available for collection from our Sandton (JHB) outlet? Many listed products are held in other physical locations around the country or abroad, so this may not be possible for all items on offer. We are primarily an online business that dispatches using our own nominated courier companies.

    Q: How long will it take for my products to arrive?

    A: If you confirm and pay for your order before 13:00, your goods will be dispatched later that same business day or worst case the following day. Depending on your location is South Africa, the goods will then arrive in no later then 3 working days later (excluding weekends & public holidays). If your location is deemed remote or outlying by our various preferred couriers (Dawn Wing, CourierIT, The Courier Guy or MDS Collivery), the delivery may only be implemented on specific days, utilizing an economy service. If this is the case, the delivery time-frame may be longer then the 3 working days mentioned above.

    Q: How do I track my order?

    A: We mainly use Bobgo for the fulfillment of orders. See . Our system should also automatically send a tracking link. If you do not receive this, please first check your spam folder/s or let us know?

    Q: I have only ordered a very small parcel - why is the courier delivery fee so high?

    A: We have negotiated a flat-rate with our couriers whether the volumetric mass is very small or large. In many instances this will benefit our clients, especially for bulky & heavy items. 


    Q: Can I pay COD?

    A: Our couriers cannot accept cash on our behalf, so payment is required up-front, before we ship your order

    Q: How do we know that you will send the items, once we have paid?

    A: We've been doing business for over 20 years with countless satisfied customers - please see some of our ratings on Google

    Q: Do you accept Debit cards as payment?

    A: Yes, Debit, Visa & MasterCard (processed using PayFast and Yoco),Cash Deposits and EFT payments. No actual credit card terminal at our premises. For Debit, Visa & MasterCard options please select the Yoco Payment option?