Dye Sublimation Ink for Ricoh SG2100/3110/7100

Dye Sublimation Ink for Ricoh SG2100/3110/7100

  • R 150.00

  • For use with Ricoh & Sawgrass models using "Powerdriver/Virtuoso" software or for models without (SG2100/3110Sfnw)
  • Premium grade black & colour dye sublimation ink for Ricoh printers
  • Many litres of this ink used by countless satisfied customers
  • 100% Dye Sublimation ink compatible with Ricoh models only (not for Epson or Brother)
  • Will not clog or block the print-head nozzles of your printer (used correctly)
  • Excellent for sublimation transfers onto various sublimation media (T-shirts, caps, mugs, cellphone covers etc)
  • Sold per colour or complete set 
  • 4 ink set - Black (K), Cyan, Mageta & Yellow
  • Dedicated for Ricoh cartridge models - GC21, GC31 & GC41
  • Our own Custom Colour profile (ICC) also available for this ink, if used in the Ricoh Aficio SG2100N
  • Sublimation ink best used within 6 months - it does have a shelf life
  • Dye sublimation ink designed and intended for Ricoh large/wide format printer's only and not warranted by Ricoh or Sawgrass for use in their desktop models


Printer model examples: SG2100N, SG3110DN, SG3100SNw, SG3110SFNw, SG3120SFNw,

SG7100DN, GXe7700N

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