Remote support via the Internet

Remote support via the Internet

  • R 350.00

For any of our products that do not include a free, remote support session, you can purchase a session here (support up to 20 minutes), remotely via the internet.


1) Stable & fast internet connection (3G, Wifi, ADSL).

2) A computer running any version of Windows OS.

3) Download and install a free version of Ammyy Admin: (cannot be downloaded using Chrome, only Internet Explorer or other browsers).

4) Email us with your user details (Your ID), as well as your Windows operating system version and other details that may be important, such as your graphics program used (such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, Gimp etc & version). Also indicate preferred times when you would be available, with your PC connected to the internet.

5) We will be in contact to schedule a time, within a 24 hour period, that's suitable for both parties.

6) Do not give your AMMYY ID or grant access to anyone else you don't know, even if they sound legitimate - this can pose a serious security risk!

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