Ricoh Sawgrass Ink Collector IC41 Drain Kit

  • R 200.00

  • DIY drain kit to empty and change the chip of your Ricoh SG2100/3100/3110/7100 and Sawgrass SG400/800 and SG500/SG1000 ink collector to show as empty 
  • Includes new replacement chip, hand drill, syringe / needle and plug or just the chip itself
  • Use drop-down "finish" option to make your selection
  • See here to get an idea how it's done:

  • Only necessary to seal one hole - the existing air vent which is simply widened, must stay open (see picture attached)

  • Remove and replace the chip in the same way as with the cartridges (pictured)
  • Please note that the packing material inside this tank, makes it very difficult to physically pull out all the waste ink using a syringe . Try as best as you can and perhaps repeat this from time to time before the chip indicates as "Full" again. In this way you can guarantee it never completely fills up or overflows (which then causes not only a mess, but print defects too).

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Riaan van Deventer
IC41 drain kit

Dealing with Richard at Bulkink is such a pleassure. Quick to respond to any queries. My order was shipped the same day and I am very with happy with the product as well.